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Why Choose TMG/Cogent Mortgage Solutions?

  1. Choice

Through the TMG network, we have established relationships with numerous lenders including banks, credit unions, institutional and private lenders. We get lenders to compete for YOUR business!


  1. Objectivity

We work in your best interests to find the best lender and product to meet your needs.


  1. Convenience

One stop shopping will save you time money and stress. You gain access to our vast network of lenders in one simple process and we complete the research and analysis of the mortgage alternatives available on your behalf.


  1. Expertise

We specialize in mortgages and provide our clients with expert knowledge and guidance to help you to make an informed, cogent choice.


  1. Facilitate and Expedite the Process

Listen to you & thoroughly understand your needs, circumstances & preferences.

Research & compare the different lenders, products and terms to meet your needs.

Recommend the best alternative(s) to meet - and hopefully exceed your needs.

Facilitate and assist you to complete the transaction.


  1. Better Rates and Terms

Mortgage brokers have negotiating power because lenders compete for our business. That translates into better rates and terms for you


  1. No Cost to You

In the vast majority of cases, mortgage broker fees are paid by the lenders so consumers avoid costs and unpleasant surprises.


  1. Access to Special Deals

Many financial institutions offer special deals or promotions that we pass along to you.


  1. Privacy and Minimal Impact

Only one inquiry is made on your credit bureau and only one set of supporting documents is required.


  1. Ongoing Support
We continue to provide our expert advice to you throughout the life of your mortgage. If you prefer, we will remind you when your prepayment options are due and counsel you on future choices and opportunities.
For an informed, intelligent choice...


 co¬∑gent [ kṓjənt ]rationally persuasive: forceful and convincing to the intellect and reason. Compelling, conclusive, effective, satisfying.

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