August 18, 2018
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Cogent Mortgage Solutions Inc. offers excellent private mortgage loans. We employ a very flexible, common-sense approach to lending.


Now there is a solution to exorbitant rates that are common in the mortgage industry! Stop paying 8% for a 1st mortgage and 15% or 20% for a 2nd mortgage – and STOP paying up to 30% for credit card interest. Now Cogent offers a great solution!


Here are just a few benefits of borrowing with Cogent:


Excellent Rates


·         1st mortgages from 4.5%

·         2nd mortgages from 6%


Very Reasonable Fees


Flexible Terms Up to 3 Years


Solutions for borrowers that can’t qualify for conventional "AAA” mortgages


·         Low credit score

·         Credit problems, judgments, current or prior bankruptcies

·         No credit

·         New to country

·         Unable to prove income

·         Insufficient income – unable to qualify

·         Self-employed recently

·         Unemployed

·         Property can’t qualify


Residential or Commercial Properties


·         Principal residences

·         Secondary residences or rental properties

·         Vacation homes

·         Construction loans

·         Consolidation loans


Up to 80% Loan-to-Value


Creative & Flexible Solutions


·         Blanket mortgages (securing the loan against more than one property)

·         Guarantors or co-signors accepted


Improve Your Credit Score


Get rid of your high interest private mortgage and STOP paying ridiculously high credit card interest rates.


Call Cogent today to learn more. You have nothing to lose – except high interest rates!!
For an informed, intelligent choice...


 co·gent [ kṓjənt ]rationally persuasive: forceful and convincing to the intellect and reason. Compelling, conclusive, effective, satisfying.

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